"Dacia Carter II" Plate by Kehinde Wiley

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Kehinde Wiley's collection of six porcelain coupe plates allow you to bring the contemporary art home. Made in direct collaboration with the artist, the collection features details from paintings spanning 2008-2012. Each of the six images - 3 male and 3 female - are cropped against intricate, vibrant backgrounds, and can be hung decoratively or used as completely functional dinner plates. This porcelain plate was inspired by Kehinde Wiley's 2012 painting Dacia Carter II which features model Dacia Carter against a backdrop of rich greenery and luscious pink flowers.  Originally exhibited at Sean Kelly Gallery in An Economy of Grace, Wiley’s model was cast from the streets of New York City.  Each coupe plate is 10.75" and shows a stamped signature on the verso. The plates are individually boxed.