Katherine Bernhardt art print

Katherine Bernhardt art print

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Merengue, 2017

Five colour lithographic print on Somerset Velvet 300 gsm.
27 4/5 × 38 1/5 in
70.5 × 97 cm
Edition of 100

The objects featured in Katherine Bernhardt's paintings are as quotidian as it gets: batteries, Doritos, cigarettes, blenders, laptops, coffee makers, burgers, Nikes. The stuff that gets you going and keeps you going. Gregarious and brash, they are at once effortless and carefully balanced, predicated on the classic composition of the grid while working Warhol’s maxim of ‘liking things’ then painting them. An array of objects are first traced out with fast lines of bright spray paints. The shapes created are then loosely filled with various densities of acrylic paint, varying from straight out of the tube to watery washes. Full-bodied and electric, her palette is a harmony of opposites, such as day-glo pink butting up happily against shadowy brown and ochre-orange.

None of her shapes – which follow a basic circle, square, triangle or rectangle form – overlap or dominate the other. It’s a non-hierarchical schematic, representative of day-to-day life as found, sold and bought in any typical big town or small town convenience store.