Keith Haring 8" Masterpiece Dunny Three Eyed Monster

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In 1990 Keith Haring released a set of five embossings, each with a single symbol that had been born from the artist’s iconic style. Today, The Icons portfolio still remains one of the most sought after series created in his short life.

 The Three-Eyed Monster is felt like a scary presence in Haring’s work and generally connotes hellishness, fear, and death. Some have also suggested that the three-eyed face implies greed.

Keith Haring is recognized for his exclusive use of black and white, and typical use of primary colors. This design, a monster, a devil and forms a type of glyph that could be read like an urban, tribal language. These icons became an emblem of the artist’s social view, positive and negative. Struggle and anxiety seem to radiate from the image. Featured on our 8" Dunny platform, in a deluxe box, this release is the first of a series exploring Keith Haring's most recognizable images to a new audience of collectors and aficionados.