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Billund Spice Grinder

Billund Spice Grinder

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The Billund grinder is an upside-down grinder that does not leave any residues on the table. It has a silicone plug at the bottom that makes it easy to fill up with any spices or blends you love using.

The grinder is mounted with the patented mechanism from Denmark company, CrushGrind®, offering a 25 year guarantee on the ceramic parts. It grinds both salt, pepper, dried herbs and most spices.

It is based on a biocomposite material made of wood based cellulose fibers from certified, sustainably managed forests. The material gives the products a warm, natural and earthy feel. Furthermore the material has a low carbon footprint, and unlike crop-based biomaterials, this bio composite doesn’t interfere with a food-production chain.

Design by: IDEAS / Sam Murley
Material: Biocomposite / plastic
Size: 4.75 inches
Dishwasher safe: No

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