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Put Out More Flags, 1992 Hand-colored lithograph Edition of 25 by Howard Hodgkin

Put Out More Flags, 1992 Hand-colored lithograph Edition of 25 by Howard Hodgkin

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Howard Hodgkin

Put Out More Flags, 1992

Hand-colored lithograph

Sheet: 21 x 17 in.

Edition of 75(sold out)- artist proofs ONLY Edition of 25



Though at first sight this work closely resembles one of Hodgkin's oil paintings, it is in fact a print, made using an ingenious process of layering that cunningly imitates the finish of his paintings. The first layer of the print, consisting of the horizontal black and vertical green stripes, was created from a copper plate using a lift-ground etching technique. Unlike conventional aquatint printing, this involves painting the plate with a water-soluble medium, directly applying the design to be transferred to the final print. The next layer, the gritted black and purple form in the center of the print, was created from three aluminum plates covered in carborundum, a hard silicate that achieves a textural finish. Finally, a vivid surface-layer of yellow, blue and orange tempera was created by Hodgkin's collaborator of this period, Jack Shirreff.
This work shows the sophisticated printmaking procedure that Hodgkin had developed by the later stage of his career. Though printmaking is necessarily repetitive and mechanical, his practice involved both technical skill and handicraft, as is evident in the final layers of hand-applied tempera. This hand-finished aspect resulted in slight variations between each print in the edition; unlike other print-series, no two prints in Hodgkin's editions are identical. He first conceived the idea of hand-finishing his prints in 1977, but achieved a consummate level of technical precision over the following years and decades. Works such as Put Out More Flags might indicate the important and original contribution that Hodgkin made to twentieth-century printmaking in Britain.

Etching and aquatint with carborundum and hand-coloring in tempera - College Park Corporation, New York


This item is from the series of Centennial Prints commissioned in celebration of the founding of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. These prints were generously donated by the artists to support museum programs.

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