Laurie Simmons: Big Camera Little Camera

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Laurie Simmons’s exploration of archetypal gender roles is a topic as potent today as it was in the late 1970s, when she began to develop her mature artistic style by using doll houses, props, and dolls as stand-ins for people and places. Using photography and film, her work investigates the nature of representation, notions of performance, the materiality of daily life, and the contrived stereotypes we all contend with. Her fictional scenes strike a psychological chord as they make keen observations about real life. Laurie Simmons: Big Camera/Little Camera spans Simmons’s career to date, from her iconic early black-and-white photographs of female dolls in domestic settings to her most recent monumentally scaled and vibrantly colored portraits.

Hardcover : 262 pages
Dimensions : 10.02 x 1.18 x 12.82 inches